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WHAT IS THE MINIMUM AGE TO ORDER?  Due to state laws, we do not sell to anyone under 18 years of age. New customers will have their first order shipped "ADULT SIGNATURE REQUIRED" in order to insure that products are not shipped to minors.


We do not ship prohibited products to cities/states where ownership is ILLEGAL. If you live in a *RESTRICTED city/state and can provide proof of ownership eligibility, we will gladly ship your order. If an inappropriate order is placed, your order may be cancelled and will not be shipped. Stun guns and tasers are considered weapons and cannot be shipped internationally.


GLAMAZON.IN.DEFENSE is not responsible for determining local laws and restrictions, the buyer is solely responsible for determining the legality of the use and purchase of our products.


Will *NOT*ship to the following Cities where Stun Guns Devices are Illegal:


Annapolis, MD

 Baltimore, MD (including Baltimore County)

 Chicago, IL

 Denison/Crawford County, IA (*Sheriff Tom Hogan) District of Columbia Philadelphia, PA


Will *NOT* ship STUN GUNS or TASERS to the following states:


Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Washington DC, Annapolis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Wisconsin, Denison/Crawford county IA.


Will *NOT* ship Pepper Spray  to the following states: 

Newyork, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Hawaii.

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