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Glamazon in Defense

Hello ladies

I'm want to talk with you about Glamazon in Defense.


it's funny how making a decision to do something for yourself puts everything else in alignment and in perspective. When I started taking self defense classes, I had those thoughts like "am I too big to protect myself , will my weight be in issue, can I really do this. but self defense isn't about being a certain size to fight back , it's about using your own physical power to aid in your own personal protection. 


Putting my safety first has sparked a fire in me to want to help other women do the same. 


Self defense helps people, especially women, develop more confidence in themselves , it helps you learn to be more aware of your surroundings , to be prepared for the unexpected at any time. Knowing that you have the ability to defend yourself often helps you more fully explore the world, meet new people and find new ways to engage, encourage and become self empowered.  


What is Women's Self-Defense?
Self-defense is a set of awareness, assertiveness, verbal confrontation skills, safety strategies, and physical techniques that enable someone to successfully escape, resist, and survive violent attacks. Glamazon self defense courses  provides psychological awareness and verbal skills, not just physical training.


Q: Does Self-Defense Work?

Yes. Self-defense training can increase your options and help you prepare responses to slow down, de-escalate, or interrupt an attack. Like any tool, the more you know about it, the more informed you are to make a decision and to use it.


My Mission is to reduce the odds of violent crimes against women by providing the tips and tools we need to give ourselves a fighting chance, while learning to make our safety a top priority.


I aim to do this by providing tasers, pepper spray, rape whistles, personal alarms, date rape kit strips, self defense classes and much more.


I started Glamazon in Defense because of the lack of diversity in the media when it comes to women of color.  For the most part, women of color get the least media coverage for missing persons, sexual assaults, carjacking’s and break ins .



1 out of every 6 American woman has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime; Presently,  African American women make up  13% of the population, but account for 34% of missing people in the Unites States.   Thats 64,000 missing women wtihout a trace, sign or clue!


The attacks on women are increasing at an alarming rate.


The Lifetime rate of rape /attempted rape for women by race according to Rainn


                                  American Indian/Alaskan women: 34.1%
                                  Mixed race women: 24.4%
                                  Black women: 18.8%
                                  White women: 17.7%                               

                                  Asian Pacific Islander women: 6.8%


I am grateful for social media sites. These sites are primarily the only forum we have in reposting and sharing Information about the attacks on women.

                              But sadly its not enough!!


As Women  we spend most of the time thinking about others and what's next on our multiple to-do list then our very own safety. We sometimes go unappreciated and feel undervalued.


I want to remind you that "YOU" matter!, Yes Women "WE" matter, OUR lives matter, OUR existence matters!!!.  We're  mothers, sisters and daughters.  We're Wives, Business Owners , Terachers and Counselors .


We've carried and birthed civilization from our wombs. Our bodies nourish the very essence of life.


                 We are indeed God's greatest creation.


It's important to value yourself and your safety. There's only one YOU and that

                          in its self is worth fighting for!


Glamazon in Defense aims to put you first by giving the tools and techniques to give yourself a Fighting chance.


I believe that carrying one if not all of the items we offer can act as a deterrent or as a powerful tool when facing an attack.


I pray that you never have to use any of these weapons; However, I do know  that it's better to have protection and not need it, then to need protection and not have it.


I ask that you share this with all and any persons you hold dear to your heart.  


                            Knowledge is Power.


Together we can take a step in Reducing the Odds.

Thank you and may God in his infinite mercy be with you and yours always.

Be Blessed , Be Alert  and Be Protected.




Glamazon in Defense



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