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One thing I've come to realize is that we're all for the most part at will employees. Our 9-5 isn't guaranteed.

For many who’ve been laid off or let go from work unexpectedly, the worst part is having to start all over. But what if you had a side gig that could keep you going until you found another full-time job? Or just having an extra $$ to do the things you need and want to do.

Our Glamazon In Defense wholesale packages is the way to go!!! Increase your income weekly, while equipping your family and friends with the Knowledge and tools of self-defense!  

17884059_1386131188109640_2346339815850413010_n.jpg ** Input wholesale in the subject line**

I can't stress enough the importance of diversifying your income streams. Having just one isn't enough.


Call, text or email me today!! 703-537-5044



Together we can empower women in safety and self defense! 

Click the link marked  price list  and sign in for more details

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